This is my first blog-entry. Ever. Today marks the birth of my digital voice.

I have been procrastinating setting up a blog for about 10 years. Why? Probably because 10 years ago I was a kid, pretending to understand the world, fragging away on de_dust and making Chinese-labeled fried rice and noodles in a Chinese take-out in Rotterdam, and had nothing interesting to say. I hadn’t found my voice yet. I was shy and — probably wisely so —  afraid of embarrassment in the future, when my voice would echo as loudly as the day I would have blogged. The Internet defies the inevitable law of decay. An embarrassing year book entry can be put away swiftly. A blog post cannot.

So what has changed? Not much, I’m still pretending to understand the world, but no longer a gamer and no longer frying rice. I might still have uninteresting things to say, but I’ve found my voice, my passions and I am no longer afraid to speak up.

So welcome to my blog – it will be about anything that I set my mind to. Primarily initiated as an outlet for my thoughts. Hopefully there will be people who share my interests and ignite an enlightening discussion. Themes with a higher probability of making a post are: Coding, Operations Research, Philosophy, Spirituality, Travels and Photography.

Upcoming post will be about using Common Lisp vs Java in Operations Research.



2 thoughts on “hello-world

  1. Pro-Tip: Insulting a programming language brings you to reddit, but also brings great pain with the many comments on holy wars.

    However, I look forward to see more of your posts. Good Luck!

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